Buy Taiwan VPS Server, Cheap and Best VPS Hosting in Taipei, Taiwan 2024

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Buy Taiwan VPS Server, Cheap and Best VPS Hosting in Taipei, Taiwan 2024

Taiwan VPS Hosting


Taipei serves as the administrative heart of Taiwan, recognized as a provincial city within the People's Republic of China. Renowned as Taiwan's nucleus for economic, political, educational, and cultural activities, it stands as a pivotal gateway in the East Asian region, with proximity to Hong Kong.

For those in search of budget-friendly VPS hosting solutions in Taiwan, specifically within a data center situated in Taipei, we suggest considering a selection from this curated list of VPS providers operating in Taiwan.

Compare Taiwan VPS Server

HostPrice fromPay by usage?Billing methodSupport Windows VPSTurn-ontimeGoogle Rating
LightNode$7.71/monthโœ…Hourly Billingโœ…1 minuteโญ 4.4
Taiwan Web Hosting$16.95/monthโŒPay monthlyโŒa few minutesโญ 2.2
2Sync$20.00/monthโŒPay monthlyโœ…a few minutesโญ 4.0
Navicosoft$60.85/monthโŒPay monthlyโœ…a few minutesโญ 3.8
Serverfield$11.99/monthโŒPay monthlyโŒ15-30 minutesโญ 4.0

1. LightNode

LightNode VPS Server Taiwan, ้€Ÿ ๅบฆ

LightNode is a flexible and scalable cloud computing provider with many exotic data centers. Enormous value is the most significant advantage.

Taiwan VPS Server plans and prices:

CPUMemoryStorageTrafficTotal monthly PriceVPS Pay per hour
1250GB SSD1T$7.7/month$ 0.012/hour
1250GB SSD2T$8.7/month$ 0.013/hour
2450GB SSD1T$13.7/month$ 0.021/hour
4850GB SSD2T$26.7/month$ 0.040/hour
81650GB SSD2T$50.7/month$ 0.076/hour
163250GB SSD2T$98.7/month$ 0.147/hour

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LightNode Taiwan VPS Hosting Features:

  • Billing method: Pay hourly.
  • Taiwan VPS Datacenter: cloud server in Taipei, and many Asia VPS hosting
  • Offer Taiwan Windows VPS: โœ…
  • Taiwan BGP VPS includes HINET Taiwan VPS
  • Virtualization Technology: KVM
  • Turn-on time: 1 to 2 minutes
  • Offer offshore VPS Taiwan: โœ…
  • Taiwan SSD storage, and VMware hosting in Taipei
  • In addition, You can purchase more storage and traffic.
  • Test IPv4:
  • many exotic data centers, 39 locations
  • Server locations: japan taiwan Hong Kong VPS, USA(Silicon Valley, Washington), Germany, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, UK, France, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan hosting, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, VPS hosting Asia, South Africa, Egypt, Nepal, Russia

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LightNode cheap Taiwan VPS Hosting Speed โ€‹โ€‹Test Page

2. Taiwan Web Hosting

Taiwan Web Hosting VPS Taiwan ๅฐๆนพvps

Taiwan Web Hosting offers an array of services including communal hosting plans, exclusive virtual private servers, individualized dedicated servers, scalable cloud-based hosting, and domain registration options.

VPS HOSTING in Taiwan Pricing & Plans


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Taiwan VPS Cloud Hosting Features:

  • Billing method: Pay monthly.
  • VPS server in Taiwan Turn-on time: a few minutes
  • Offer Taiwan Proxy VPS: โœ…
  • Support VPS Windows in Taiwan: โŒ
  • Support Linux VPS Taiwan: YES
  • Technical Support: YES

3. 2Sync

2Sync VPS Taiwan ๆœบ ๆˆฟ

Established in 2014, 2Sync - Global Hosting Solutions emerged as a provider of comprehensive web solutions. Our global server offerings are committed to fulfilling our goal of assisting individuals and businesses in establishing their online presence.

Taiwan VPS cheap plans and prices:

1150GB HDD$20.00/month
12100GB HDD$40.00/month
24200GB HDD$80.00/month

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rent VPS cheap, 2Sync VPS Features:

  • Billing method: Pay monthly
  • Taiwan VPS Datacenter: cloud hosting in Taipei
  • Turn-on time: a few minutes
  • Support Windows VPS in Taiwan: โœ…
  • Linux and Windows Server: YES
  • Virtualization Technology: KVM

4. Navicosoft

Navicosoft VPS taiwan ,็บฟ ่ทฏ

Founded in 2008, Navicosoft has risen as a prominent web hosting enterprise in Australia, offering specialized services in domain hosting support.

Taiwan VPS Hosting plans and prices:

10.520GB HDD$60.85/month
2140GB HDD$118.50/month
3280GB HDD$238.39/month

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Navicosoft cheap VPS server Features:

  • Billing method: Pay monthly.
  • Turn-on time: a few minutes
  • Linux Server: YES
  • Support Windows VPS in Taiwan: โœ…
  • Virtualization Technology: KVM
  • cheap VPS hosting services bandwidth is limited
  • Uptime guarantees: 99% Customer Care
  • Support Taiwan VPS Bitcoin: YES

5. Serverfield

Taiwan Virtual Server (Hinet) ๆŽจ ่

Since launching in 2008, Serverfield has carved out a niche in the market, predominantly offering services such as communal web hosting, virtual private servers, exclusive dedicated servers, colocation services, IP transit solutions, and BGP services.

Taiwan low-end VPS plans and prices:

10.510GB SSD$11.99/month
1110GB SSD$16.99/month
1220GB SSD$36.99/month

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Serverfield Taiwan Cheap VPS Features:

  • Billing method: Pay monthly.
  • Turn-on time: 15-30 minutes
  • Support Windows VPS in Taiwan: โŒ
  • Linux Server: YES
  • Bandwidth is limited
  • Slow bandwidth speed


1. What is a VPS, and how does it work in Taiwan?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine provided by a hosting service that offers allocated resources on a server with multiple users. In Taiwan, a VPS gives you dedicated server resources and allows you full control over your server environment, much like a dedicated server, but at a lower cost.

2. Why might someone choose a Taiwan-based VPS?

Choosing a Taiwan-based VPS can be advantageous for those targeting the Asian market due to its strategic location, offering low latency and high-speed connectivity in the region. Additionally, Taiwan's robust infrastructure and strong internet freedom policies make it a reliable location for hosting services.

Yes, users should comply with local Taiwanese laws regarding online content and data security. It's important to understand the regulations on data protection, copyright, and other internet governance issues relevant to the hosted content and services.

4. Can I upgrade my VPS in Taiwan if my website grows?

Most VPS providers in Taiwan offer scalable solutions, allowing you to upgrade your server resources as your website grows. This typically includes increasing RAM, CPU, and storage space without migrating to a new server.

5. How does VPS hosting in Taiwan handle data security and privacy?

Reputable Taiwanese VPS hosts typically provide robust security measures, including firewalls, security monitoring, and regular updates. Data privacy is also taken seriously, with compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Taiwan, ensuring that personal information is handled responsibly.

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