5 Steps|How To Cancel DigitalOcean Account & Get a Full Refund?

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5 Steps|How To Cancel DigitalOcean Account & Get a Full Refund?

Are you fed up using your DigitalOcean account, and as such you wish to cancel (close) or even deactivate your account? and remove your credit card from DigitalOcean, get a refund with DigitalOcean.

If the above is the case then don’t bother because here is the right place where you can learn how to deal with the problem.

If you’re looking for an alternative to DigitalOcean, I’d recommend following option. I’ve tested each of these hosts thoroughly and found that they excel in certain areas where DigitalOcean tends to fall short.

Guide:How To Cancel DigitalOcean Account in 5 steps

To deactivate your DigitalOcean account, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your DigitalOcean account

  2. Delete all your droplets

Make sure to back up critical data before destroying your Droplet

  1. Go to your dashboard and select 'Account

  2. Scroll down to 'Deactivate Account

  3. Select 'Deactivate Account' and click to confirm download Emma

While there are several confirmation screens, it’s still a quick process

How To Cancel DigitalOcean Account

For the DigitalOcean Cancellation Policy, Visit DigitalOcean Cancellation Policyopen in new window

You may contact DigitalOcean hereopen in new window

Alternatives:Best DigitalOcean Alternatives for Virtual Private Server

If you need an alternative, LightNode offers exotic VPS locations with special discounts. I’d also recommend taking a look at my other recommendations before making a final decision.


LightNode VPS Server

If you found DigitalOcean difficult to work with, LightNode may be a better option. Need to stick to a tight budget? LightNode’s VPS Server plans offer generous resource .

LightNode is a flexible and scalable cloud computing provider with many exotic data centers. Enormous value is the most significant advantage.

Visit LightNodeopen in new window

Refund:How do I get a refund with DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean, like other unmanaged cloud hosting services, offers a pay-as-you-go model. While this means you only pay for the resources you’ve used, it also means you won’t get a refund.

There’s no money-back guarantee or refund policy. If you feel you deserve one, you’ll need to contact support and explain your case. If you’re looking to try a new host, you may wish to have a look at Choice VPS Hosting Providers 2024

Credit Card:How do I remove my credit card details from DigitalOcean?

To remove a credit card, locate the Billing page in the leftmost menu of the control panel. On this page, you can remove a payment method by clicking the three dots to the far right of it, then clicking Delete. However, this only works for backup payment methods – you cannot remove the default method. To remove this as well, you’ll need to cancel your account.

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