How Much Do VPS at Amazon Make | Best VPS for Trading

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How Much Do VPS at Amazon Make | Best VPS for Trading

the Amazon VPS hosting server

We suspect that many retailers who have just come into contact with Amazon will be confused about what a VPS is, and we'll discuss it in more detail below.

The full name of VPS is Virtual Private Server. This is the equivalent of a technology that splits a server into multiple virtual private servers. This technology provides a quality service by splitting each VPS into multiple independent public IP addresses, with an independent operating system. This prevents associations from being fundamentally prevented.

According to Amazon's official requirements, each person can only apply for one merchant account on Amazon and needs a separate and clean IP to log into this account. Once the IP is strung together, likely, the association with the association will likely be detected and the number will be blocked, not to mention that a person can't operate or maintain multiple merchant accounts.

So, to sum up, having a good VPS for opening an Amazon shop is of utmost importance, and opening a shop afterward will be much smoother. If you want to be a forex trader, you'd better start a forex VPS server on forex trading platforms.

The specific role of a VPS

  1. The key to hosting a VPS is to move from a space to a server in an excessive way; the price is very affordable, but the stability is more general.

  2. VPS is operated using the desktop, after remote login, and your computer is the same layout, you can also install programs on it, copy pictures, and so on.

    Another common use of VPS is for downloading websites. Because after all, it is a virtual server, the download speed will be much faster than the general, if the computer's hard disk is larger, more suitable for the download station.

  3. VPS can be used in addition to Amazon, and eBay, there is a great benefit: if you are a multi-account operation business, in this case, with a fixed IP address to apply for registration account login, security will be greatly improved, and do not have to waste money to buy a new computer. Of course, here to pay attention to: can not always change VPS account to log the same account, a change of view, which also want to then change IP login.

  4. VPS hosting is identical to the operation of a dedicated server and is suitable for all types of service providers, large and small because it can effectively reduce costs and practical VPS to create their e-commerce and various online trading platforms. Whether in terms of security, practicality, or cost, VPS is well worth being considered.

Choose te best VPS

A good VPS will have the following characteristics.

  1. Scalability: You can increase or decrease the configuration at any time according to the speed of your business development so that the VPS configuration matches your business in real-time, which will not cause the VPS resources to be wasted to achieve cost-saving results.

  2. Stability: The quality of VPS on the market varies, and some have very poor stability, which can lead to a very poor experience for users browsing your website, for example, the website loading speed is slow and fast, the website pages are often inaccessible, etc. Therefore, stability is very important which can also make the lowest latency with an internet connection.

  3. affordable price: good VPS must be in the price is advantageous, because at the beginning of the business, to save costs as much as possible, especially to do trading sites, the main costs are in the server piece, so just need to have affordable prices.

  4. pre-sales and post-sales support: for people who do shopping websites, many do not know the content of the industry and are new to the industry, then, pre-sales and post-sales is very important, to have a special person to dock, to better carry out business.

Choose the top VPS hosting server provider

After we understand the advantages that VPS needs to have, we need to choose a better VPS provider, in contrast to the price, performance, scalability, and many other dimensions I recommend LightNodeopen in new window.


LightNode is a relatively mature VPS provider, they have been in the IDC business since 2002. Their support team provides 24/7 support. In terms of price, their lowest configuration is only $7.70, this is their price chart and it's the same price except for individual regions.


Apart from the price, they offer a very large number of global regions to choose from, so if you need to open multiple Amazon shops and cater to a global audience, then you can choose LightNode. they offer nodes in these regions: Germany, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, South Africa, Bangladesh, Singapore, Philippines, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Brazil, and Hongkong.

Go to LightNode:https://www.lightnode.comopen in new window

Making money on Amazon

As of January 31, 2020, making money doing Amazon can amount to tens of thousands of dollars a month when done well.

As the current market capitalization of the first cross-border e-commerce platform, Amazon's strength is naturally not to be underestimated, so Amazon has also been with high profits to attract many sellers.

And from the point of view of the sales of various platforms, Amazon is more than 49% of a single, because more attention to the product, so Amazon is a better choice, but Amazon is relatively troublesome to open a shop, many people open a shop also do not know how to operate, newcomers, or follow the mature team is more promising.

The main thing to look at is the ability to make money or not, some people make tens of thousands of dollars a day, and some people can't sell their products, but Amazon's profits will be a little higher, and the competition is not so fierce.

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