Buy TeamSpeak VPS, Best VPS for hosting Teamspeak 2024

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Buy TeamSpeak VPS, Best VPS for hosting Teamspeak 2024

TeamSpeak is a free VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) software that you can set it up on a VPS and create your dedicated TeamSpeak server.

To find the best TeamSpeak VPS hosting for your business, read on.

Compare TeamSpeak VPS Providers

free vps hosting teamspeak LightNode good vps for hosting teamspeakCloudzyhos teamspeak off vps operavpsvps yearly plan hostinger vps free 1 year
Visit LightNodeVisit CloudzyVisit OperaVPSVisit Hostinger
Memory2 GB2 GB1 GB2 GB
Storage50G SSD20GB25GB40G SSD
Cheapest Price (monthly)$7.7/month$14.95/month$11.99/month$12.99/month
Support hourly billingโœ”๏ธโœ”๏ธโŒโŒ
Support Windowsโœ”๏ธ
(Same Pricing for Linux & Windows)
Number of Server Locations335420

1. LightNode

good vps for hosting teamspeak LightNode

LightNode is a web hosting company founded in 2002. They are dedicated to providing customers with a wide range of solutions - shared virtual hosting, professional-grade KVM VPS, Mikrotik cloud hosting routers, low-cost dedicated servers, and more.

LightNode provides more than 33 VPS locations in the world. SSD Node VPS. Global Quality Cloud Servers. Hourly And Monthly Billing. 100% KVM Virtualization. If you want to buy a good VPS for hosting Teamspeak, they are a good choice.

LightNode Linux hosting VPS Price & Plan

1250G SSD1T$7.7
2450G SSD1T$13.7
4850G SSD2T$26.7
81650G SSD2T$50.7
163250G SSD2T$98.7

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LightNode VPS hosting Features

  • Billing method: Hourly/Monthly/Annually
  • Save 5% OFF When You Switch To, REDEEM OFFERopen in new window
  • Promo: Get an extra $5-20 on your first recharge
  • many Node VPS data centers, 33 locations
  • Change IP for free: YES
  • Support Node Windows VPS
  • Virtualization Technology: KVM
  • Easy OpenVPN installation
  • Turn-on time: 1 to 2 minutes
  • Support forex VPS: YES
  • In addition, You can purchase more storage and traffic.
  • Full Root Access
  • Provide Ubuntu Desktop VPS With GUI And RDP Access: YES
  • Can I upscale or downscale my Cloud Servers: YES
  • Provide VPS unlimited bandwidth: YES
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Alipay, Google Pay, VietQR
  • Reviews: โญ 4.4

2. Cloudzy

host teamspeak server on vps cloudzy vps

Cloudzy was founded in 2008 to provide cloud hosting services. Its servers are located in 14 data centers around the world.

Cloudzy Plans and Prices


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Cloudzy Features

  • Payment methods: Pay by the month.
  • Support Windowserver RDP: YES
  • Support Linux VPS: YES
  • Turn-on time: a few minutes
  • Root Access
  • A lot of the dedicated servers were out of stock
  • Limited customer service options

3. Operavps

hosting teamspeak on vps operavps

Operavps is an international VPS hosting and dedicated server provider with data centers mainly located in Europe and the United States.

๐Ÿ‘‰Visit Operavpsopen in new window

Operavps VPS Plans and Prices


Operavps Features

  • Billing method: Pay Monthly.
  • Winbox and SSH Access
  • Support Windows VPS: YES
  • Support Linux VPS: YES
  • Support Windows RDP VPS: YES
  • Turn-on Time: a few minutes
  • Sending abuse reports to customers without cause

4. Hostinger

vps yearly plan hostinger vps free 1 year

Hostinger was Founded in 2011 and initially provided Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting services. After gaining a reputation and market, it began to launch paid host servers and set up subsidiaries in 39 countries and regions in the world.

๐Ÿ‘‰Visit Hostingeropen in new window

Hostinger VPS hosting Pricing & Plans

CPUMemoryStorageMonthly PriceAnnually Price
22GB40GB SSD$12.99/month$71.88/year
33GB60GB SSD$19.99/month$107.88/year
44GB80GB SSD$29.99/month$131.88/year

Hostinger VPS Features

  • Billing method: Monthly, Annually, Triennially
  • Support Node Windows VPS: YES, and additional charge
  • Support Linux VPS: YES
  • Full Root Access
  • Turn-on time: a few minutes
  • Optimized for WordPress
  • Total Number of Data Centers: 7
  • Reviews: โญ 4.1 (156 reviews)
  • Server Datacenters locations: United Kindom(London), brazil, United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Holland, Austria


What is a TeamSpeak Virtual server?

TeamSpeak 3 server is a piece of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) software used to communicate through speech. For communication to occur, TeamSpeak uses two applications: a client and a server. In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up TeamSpeak 3 server on the Windows operating system.

How do I run TeamSpeak on VPS?

  • Step 1 โ€“ Download the TeamSpeak. Log in to Windows VPS and use the browser to download the TeamSpeak 3 server version.
  • Step 2 โ€“ Extract the files and run the installation.
  • Step 3 โ€“ Allow TeamSpeak port on Windows firewall.
  • Step 4 โ€“ Connect to TeamSpeak Server as Admin.

Is TeamSpeak self-hosted?

If you want the freedom and flexibility of running your server your way, our gamer license is perfect for you - after all, it's "your team your rules". Simply download and install the server software on your host or internal box, and install the TS3 Client on each user's PC, Mac, or smart phone.

Does TeamSpeak use VoIP?

TeamSpeak is a voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) application for audio communication between users on a chat channel, much like a telephone conference call. The client software connects to a TeamSpeak server of the user's choice, from which the user may join chat channels.

Do you need to buy a TeamSpeak server?

Depending on the size and type of TeamSpeak server, it may also be necessary to purchase a license: For up to 32 users (one virtual server) using the server for private purposes, the software is free to use. For more slots (64 to 1,024 are possible), you have to purchase the Gamer license, which is payable annually.

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