Buy Reseller VPS Hosting, Cheap & Best VPS Reseller VPS 2023

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Buy Reseller VPS Hosting, Cheap & Best VPS Reseller VPS 2023

What is reseller hosting? It means you can buy web hosting for almost anything โ€“ from personal WordPress blogs, and small- and medium-sized business storefronts, all the way up to sites for enterprises. You can even buy enough server power to run your own web hosting service. Want to find a cheap windows VPS reseller?This best VPS reseller hosting list you might need.

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VPS A2 HostingLightNode vps hosting resellerShinjiru cheap VPS reseller hosting bluehost reseller hosting vs vps vps server reseller GoDaddy vps reseller panel InMotion ovh reseller vps OVHCloud
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Billing methodPay monthlyPay hourlyPay MonthlyPay monthlyPay monthlyPay monthlyPay monthly
Support WindowsโŒโœ”๏ธ
and no extra charges
Turn On Time15 to 30 minutes1-2 minutesa few minutesa few minutesa few minutesa few minutes15-30 minutes

1. A2 Hosting

vps server reseller a2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a well-known provider also it is a VPS server reseller that offers everything from shared and WordPress to dedicated and reseller hosting plans. A2 Hosting lowest package VPS hosting price is $6.99/month.

Cheap VPS reseller VPS Hosting Pricing & Plans

CPUMemoryStorageMonthly PriceAnnually PriceTriennially Price

A2 Hosting cloud VPS reseller Features:

  • Billing method: Pay monthly
  • unlimited bandwidth VPS: YES
  • Turn-on time: 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Support Windows VPS: NO
  • Install WordPress with one click
  • Adding a control panel will increase the price
  • 99.9% uptime commitment

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2. LightNode

LightNode vps hosting reseller

LightNode is a flexible and scalable cloud computing provider with many exotic data centers. And it has china direct route vps supports hongkong vps alipay.

LightNode VPS reseller plan and Prices:

CPUMemorySSD VPS StorageTrafficPrice
1250G SSD1T$7.7
2450G SSD1T$13.7
4850G SSD2T$26.7
81650G SSD2T$50.7
163250G SSD2T$98.7

LightNode VPS reseller program Features

  • Billing method: Pay hourly.
  • Support Windows VPS: YES
  • Support Linux VPS: YES
  • Support KVM VPS: YES
  • Turn-on time: 1 to 2 minutes
  • In addition, You can purchase more storage and traffic.
  • LightNode can be easily managed from mobile devices and tablets.
  • Support VPS Unlimited Traffic(Pay-By-Bandwidth)
  • many exotic data centers, 37 locations
  • Server locations: USA(Silicon Valley, Washington), Mexico, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, UK, France, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, South Africa, Egypt, Russia

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3. Shinjiru

Shinjiru cheap VPS reseller hosting

Shinjiru is a one-stop IT provider for domain names, web hosting, dedicated servers, cloud platforms, and Microsoft solutions.

By the way, this company's windows KVM VPS are all sold out.

Shinjiru reseller vs VPS Pricing & Plans


Shinjiru vps hosting reseller Features:

  • Billing method: Pay monthly
  • Support Windows VPS hosting: YES
  • Trun On Time: a few minutes
  • Free Remote OS-Installation
  • total anonymity, data security, and peace of mind
  • certified domain registrar
  • identity protection features
  • Free DDoS Protection

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4. BlueHost

bluehost reseller hosting vs vps

Bluehost is an American virtual hosting provider founded in 1996, located in Utah, USA. The company mainly provides VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

Bluehost resell VPS VPS HOSTING Pricing & Plans

CPUMemoryStorageMonthly PriceTriennially Price

Bluehost cloud VPS reseller Features:

  • Billing method: Pay monthly
  • unlimited bandwidth VPS: YES
  • Support Windows VPS hosting: YES
  • Backups available at additional cost
  • Free SSL certificates
  • The packages include cPanel
  • Turn-on time: a few minutes.
  • Refunds are very slow
  • Irregular shutdown

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5. GoDaddy

vps server reseller GoDaddy

GoDaddy is an American company providing domain name registration and Internet hosting services.

GoDaddy does not meter bandwidth on any of its unmanaged VPS plans but expects to pay as much as $99 per month for a fully managed VPS solution.

GoDaddy cheap windows VPS reseller Pricing & Plans

CPUMemoryStorageMonthly Pricetriennially Price

GoDaddy reseller packages VPS Features:

  • Billing method: Pay monthly
  • unlimited bandwidth VPS: YES
  • Support Windows VPS hosting: YES
  • Support Linux VPS hosting: YES
  • Turn-on time: a few minutes
  • Root access for developers
  • Poor after-sales service
  • The mistakenly deleted data cannot be recovered
  • Often asking customers to upgrade to more expensive plans

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6. InMotion

vps reseller panel InMotion

InMotion Hosting is an American web hosting company founded in 2001 to provide web Hosting, cloud-based solutions, and managed services to businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.

InMotion VPS hosting Pricing & Plan


InMotion VPS reseller hosting Features:

  • Billing method: Pay by the month.
  • Support Windows VPS: YES
  • Turn-on time: a few minutes
  • The server speed is sometimes slow
  • The server may be shut down for no reason
  • IP often enters the spam database, which makes users unable to access it.
  • Force users to upgrade their plans and bundle unnecessary resources.

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7. OVH-Cloud

ovh reseller vps OVHCloud

OVHCloud Founded in 1999, OVHcloud is a French company with an international presence, that delivers public and private cloud products, shared hosting, and dedicated server solutions in 140 countries worldwide.

OVHCloud reseller vps hosting Pricing & Plan


OVHCloud vps hosting reseller Features:

  • Billing method: Pay by the month.
  • unlimited bandwidth VPS: YES
  • Virtualization Technology: KVM
  • Support Windows VPS: YES
  • Support Linux VPS: YES
  • Turn-on time: 15-30 minutes
  • uptime guarantee
  • The refund service is very late
  • The after-sales service is terrible
  • Suspend customer's server for no reason

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8. Namecheap

buy vps usa Namecheap

Namecheap began in 2000 with a mission to deliver the best domains at the best prices with the best service. Since then weโ€™ve added hosting, security, managed WordPress, and a whole range of innovations to our platform.

Namecheap VPS Plans and Prices:


Namecheap VPS Hosting Features:

  • Payment methods: Pay Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly
  • West Coast data centers: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Support cPanel VPS: YES, cPanel Solo (1 account)$9.88, cPanel Tier 1 (up to 5 accounts)$14.88, cPanel Tier 2 (up to 30 accounts) $20.88
  • Turn-on time: a few minutes
  • Support Windows VPS: NO
  • Support Ubuntu VPS: YES
  • Support Debian VPS: YES
  • Full root access
  • Free domain and migration
  • Hidden fees and higher prices on renewal
  • No phone support

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What is VPS Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting lets you partner with a host and sell their solutions as your own. Your clients will never know who the real provider is, but you are also responsible for the support servicing. VPS hosting is much more versatile, allowing you to start any kind of business and utilize the server resources as you wish.

How do I resell VPS hosting?

In theory, reselling web hosting is relatively simple. First, you purchase a bulk account, like a VPS plan. From then on, you divide up the resources into smaller segments and sell each of those slices to individual users. Essentially, you're taking on the role of a web hosting service provider for them.

Is Reseller Hosting Profitable?

There are dozens of different online businesses you can start from the comfort of your own home. One online business that isn't covered a lot is reseller hosting. Want to become a VPS reseller? With the right niche and dedication, you can turn reseller hosting services into a very profitable business.

What is the difference between shared hosting and Reseller Hosting?

A shared hosting plan is intended for a single owner. VPS hosting vs reseller hosting.No reselling is allowed on the shared hosting plans as it may affect other server users adversely. Only one control panel is provided for all the domains. A Reseller Hosting plan is for those who want to resell hosting.

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